Georgian Style Chili Paste


"MARIKO'' Adjika is a hot, spicy but subtly flavored paste often used to flavor food in Georgia, Abkhazia, Europe, and Russia. Adjika is not made by boiling. It is freshly made as combination of hot and sweet red peppers, garlic, herbs and spices, and sterilized. Tomatoes are not an ingredient of real traditional Adjika. No preservatives



        Georgian Style Tomato Sauce


"Satsibeli" is Georgian Sauce made from tomato paste, water, garlic, assorted spices, salt & herbs. Best with fried and grilled meat, pork, seafood, chicken, and vegetables. Great with pasta. No preservatives.


     Georgian Style Plum Sauce


"MARIKO" Tkemali is the Georgian name for the cherry plum, as well as a sauce made of cherry plums. Tkemali is made from both red and green varieties of plum. The flavor of the sauce varies between sweet and pungently tart. Traditionally the following ingredients are used besides plum: garlic, coriander, dill, cayenne pepper and salt. Best with fried or grilled meat, fish, poultry and potato dishes much like a ketchup. No preservatives.

Best with fried or grilled meat, fish

     knmeli suneli

Georgian Style Dry Spice


- "KHMELI-SUNELI" -(Dried Spices) is a traditional Georgian spicy mixture of flavorful herbs. It is popular in Georgia and the entire Caucasus and Eastern European regions. This mixture is fragrant by smell and spicy by taste.
Khmeli Suneli has been known since the time of the Pharaohs,where it was using as a healing additives in food. Today, this mixture is the most important spice or ingredient in traditional  Georgian, Caucasus and Eastern European cuisine."

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